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A wounded knight

The Color: This colorway is a striking, bold red. Like lipstick on a collar, this is the color of hot romance and secret desires. This is the cool side of red, with blueish undertones rather than orange ones.

The Story: Guenevere has been kidnapped by Meleagant, and several of the knights she was with were wounded in the fight. Lancelot has come to rescue her. Guenevere is staying in the same bedchamber as the wounded knights so that she can tend to their wounds as needed. Lancelot is housed in a different chamber yet promises he will come to visit her that night. He approaches a window overlooking the gardens but finds it barred with iron. They spend some time conversing, but Lancelot soon laments that they are separated by the bars and that he is unable to get through the window to her.

Lancelot pledges his love to her and pulls on the iron bars, managing to break them out of the window. In doing so, he cuts one of his hands quite deeply; however, he is so consumed by his passion for the queen that he doesn’t notice the blood dripping from his wound. Lancelot and Guenevere did not sleep at all that night, spending a marvelous evening together in bed. Just before dawn, Lancelot leaves the chamber, replacing the bars in the windows as much as he can.

In the morning, Guenevere is found in bed with the sheets covered in blood. She is accused of lying with one of the wounded knights and being false to her husband, King Arthur. Lancelot declares that he can say without question that Guenevere did not sleep with any of the ten wounded knights in her chamber. (And he can be absolutely certain of that since he was the one she was with!) He challenges Meleagant to combat to prove the queen’s innocence against the accusation.

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