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The Color: This six-stripe colorway was developed for a pattern from Coffee with C.C. (and Dami Too) and was inspired an image of a chai latte in a glass mug with a small wrapped candy bar on the saucer. The light and medium brown colors represent the latte, and the chocolate brown and red represent the candy wrapper (brown with a red stripe). The color sequence for the 6 stripes is chocolate, red, chocolate, brown, tan, brown.

The Name: Disney’s Sword in the Stone tells the story of King Arthur as a young boy, who has no idea of the destiny before him. Merlin serves as his mentor, and through a series of adventures, Arthur learns lessons for when he becomes king. Archimedes is Merlin’s owl, who is able to speak. Sarcastic and a little grouchy, Archimedes is often the voice of reason to Merlin’s sometimes fanciful ideas. And when Merlin leaves for a time, Archimedes serves in his place as Arthur’s mentor.

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