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Blancheflor and Rivalin

The Color: This color jumps out at you like the early signs of spring; you can't help but picture daffodils and dandelions in a field with just a hint of warmth on the breeze. When Rumpelstiltskin spun straw into gold, it was undoubtedly the same color as this golden yellow with orangey undertones. Full of the promise of new life and new beginnings, this yarn is destined to be something special.

The Name: King Mark of Cornwall has a sister named Blancheflor, who falls in love with a knight named Rivalin who came to Mark’s kingdom seeking asylum from his own kingdom. Rivalin is wounded in battle; thinking he is on his deathbed, Blancheflor goes to him and, through their actions, becomes pregnant. Rivalin does not die, and he and Blancheflor leave Cornwall to go to Rivalin’s home. Leading a battle to take back his country, Rivalin is again wounded but this time does die. Blancheflor, mourning the loss of her love, gives birth to a tiny boy but dies in the process. The baby is named Tristan.

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