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Bran the Blessed

The Color: This colorway is a strong and sturdy stripe going from a neutral oatmeal wheat color to the color of the sea at noon to a rich, deep brown. Then, almost out of nowhere, a surprise: magical aqua makes an appearance for a pop of color that’s sure to keep you alert during a late-night knitting session and revive any gloomy spirit.

The Story: In Welsh stories, Bran is king of Britain — and a giant. He possesses a magic cauldron that is supposed to have the ability to bring dead men back to life. The cauldron is given as a gift to his son-in-law (ruler of Ireland), but tensions between the two nations lead to a huge battle, in which the British are outnumbered because the Irish are able to bring the dead warriors back to life using the cauldron. One of the British men figures this out and tricks the Irish into throwing him, still alive, into the cauldron, which causes the cauldron to explode.

Bran himself was mortally wounded during the fighting and commands his last surviving men to cut off his head and bury it upon British ground. The stories claim that as long as Bran's head is buried in Britain, the land will be protected from invasion. However, according to one of the Welsh triads, an arrogant King Arthur digs up the head, declaring that Britain will be safe through his rule and no longer needs Bran's protection. Although he may have deprived Britain of Bran's protection, Arthur is later called the Once and Future King, who will return to England to protect it in its time of greatest need.

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