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Caught in a trap

The Story: Yvain has broken a vow to his wife, Laudine, who will not forgive him. After many years of adventures, he tires of all the traveling and fighting and longs for a reunion with his estranged wife. He goes to the fountain beside his wife’s castle and, through enchantment, is able to bring about a storm that rocks the castle. Lunete, Laudine’s maiden and secretly on Yvain’s side, tells her they must have a knight who will defend the fountain and castle. Laudine agrees, if only a willing knight can be found. Lunete reminds her of the famed Knight of the Lion, who surely would be willing to defend the fountain if only he weren’t so upset about being in his lady’s disgrace.

Of course, Laudine does not realize the Knight of the Lion is Yvain and she the lady in question. So she says that if they are able to get this knight to the castle, she will do everything in her power to restore him with his lady. The trap set, Lunete rides out to find Yvain at the fountain and tell him of the plan. When they return, Laudine angrily cries out that they have caught her in a trap, forcing her to forgive and love a man who does not love or prize her. She claims that were it not for the promise she has made, she would never reconcile with Yvain. Yvain pleads with her, claiming he does truly love her. Laudine forgives him and the two are filled with joy once again.

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