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Cave of Lovers

The Color: Like a hidden oasis, this green is soothing and inspiring all at the same time. Let it wrap you in the pure joy of a secret hideaway, feeling nothing but peace and contentment. This color is the rich, medium green of paradise, like palm leaves or lush meadow grass. Rather than the sometimes harsh boldness of kelly or the dark of hunter, this color instead finds the happy medium between the two for a green that's fit for every project.

The Story: Tristan and Isolde have been having an affair. Mark, Isolde’s husband, has grown weary of fighting the affair (because he’s never had definitive proof that they are even having one), so he gives them leave to be with one another—as long as they do not stay at the court. The lovers travels to a marvelous cave in the forest, which seems a bit like a Garden of Eden, where they are able to devote themselves fully to one another, living off the land with very few cares in the world. They spend their days walking through the forest, reading stories to one another, and playing Tristan’s harp and singing.

After a time, Mark decides to go on a hunt. In pursuit of a white hart, Mark is led toward the cave where Tristan and Isolde have been living. The lovers, out for a walk, hear the hounds and suspect Mark is in the forest. They decide to lie apart from one another, with Tristan’s naked sword between them (showing they are “innocent” of any suspected relationship). The king looks upon the scene and wonders why the two, if they are lovers, would sleep thus. He covers the window with grass and dirt so no one else can see or disturb the couple and goes away. They return to Mark’s court, where they are welcomed back with open arms. (For now.)



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