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The Color: At first glance Dindrane is a simple lavender, a lovely and feminine light purple color fit for any maiden. Upon further examination, however, you’ll see this colorway carries more depth than you may have realized; its tonal quality ranges from the palest of lilacs to a medium violet, worthy of any project where an ordinary color just won’t do.

The Name: Dindrane is Perceval's sister and shows up in stories about the holy grail (she is not always named in these stories). She provides help to Perceval and a couple of the other seekers of the grail, giving them much-needed information along the way, especially with regard to the Ship of Solomon, which Perceval, Galahad, and Bors board in order to achieve the grail quest. Along the way, they come to a castle in which the lady of the castle has leprosy, which can supposedly only by cured by the blood of a maiden (this purple color represents her status as a maiden). Dindrane sacrifices her blood and ultimately her life for this lady. Dindrane's body is placed on a boat and is left to drift; depending on the story, the boat ends up in various locations but in relation to the grail story, the boat ends up in Sarras (a holy city), where Perceval and Bors bury her.

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