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The Story: Ector was a loyal knight serving under Uther. When Arthur was born, he needed to be hidden and raised by another family. Merlin chose Ector's family because of their loyalty, and Ector raised Arthur as if he were his own son. Ector also had a biological son, named Kay, and he and Arthur were brought up as brothers (with Kay being the elder brother). When Kay went to his first tournament, Arthur went as his squire. Kay left his sword behind in their lodging and sent Arthur to fetch it. That's when Arthur saw the sword in the stone, which he pulled out and brought to Kay. Although Kay tried at first to tell Ector that Kay had been the one to pull the sword from the stone, Ector knew better and knew that it must have been Arthur. He was one of the first knights to swear loyalty to Arthur as king and only asked that Arthur make Kay his seneschal (basically, the steward for Arthur's household).

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