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The Color: Ranging from fiery red-orange to cool coral, this yarn has a little bit of a temper on it. Let it spice up your next project, and it will be your loyal companion.

The Name: Gaheris is one of Gawain's brothers (and thus Arthur's nephew). A relatively minor character, he is involved in some major actions. His mother (Morgause) has taken Lamorak as a lover, which is problematic for her sons because Lamorak's father, Pellinore, killed their own father (King Lot). Gaheris confronts Morgause and beheads her. Falsely believing Lamorak has killed their mother, the brothers kill Lamorak, but when Gaheris is found to have murdered his mother, he is banished. At some point he must return to court because he shows up again when Guenevere is to be put to death because of her affair with Lancelot. When Lancelot comes to rescue Guenevere, he is in such a rage and fighting everyone he sees that he kills Gaheris and his brother Gareth, both of whom had actually supported Lancelot. Although Lancelot did not intentionally kill the two brothers, Gawain is so angered by this act that he vows to kill Lancelot, which leads to the fighting that ultimately leads to Arthur's death.

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