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Hard Rock Like Lancelot

The Color: A three stripe sequence of dark denim blue, golden brown, and charcoal grey.

The Story: In the brilliant musical Hamilton, during the Marquis de Lafayette’s introduction, he refers to himself as “the Lancelot of the revolutionary set.” Later, Hamilton says Lafayette is “hard rock like Lancelot.” It may seem like a fun but loose reference (both Lafayette and Lancelot are French, for example), but there’s genius behind this connection. Also in Lafayette’s intro, he says, “Who’s the best? C’est moi!” In the musical Camelot, Lancelot has an entire song called “C’est moi!” in which he brags about how wonderful he is. And Lafayette certainly does not hold back on his positive qualities.

Yet there’s even more connection between these two men. Yes, both are French, but both also leave their native country to go fight in wars in other countries, joining charismatic leaders whose ideals they believe in (Arthur and George Washington). Without Lancelot, Arthur would have failed many times during the course of his reign (though technically it is Lancelot’s affair with Guenevere that brings down Camelot…), and Lafayette’s role is instrumental in turning the tide of the Revolutionary War. Hard rock like Lancelot, indeed!

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