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Joseph of Arimathea

The Color: A study in contrasts, this yarn is a bold mixture of deep violet-purple, its lighter lavender sister, rich warm emerald green, and bright sunshine yellow. This colorway just begs to be part of your springtime knitting projects, whether you need a new pair of socks for Fat Tuesday or a pair of fingerless gloves to keep away the last of the wintery chill.

The Story: Joseph of Arimathea was responsible for burying Christ after his crucifixion. A legend grew around this story, claiming that Joseph possessed the Holy Grail, which he took to England, supposedly to Glastonbury, where he established a church. The stories further claim that when Joseph laid down to nap one afternoon, he stuck his walking stick in the ground, where it took root and blossomed into the Glastonbury Thorn, which blooms twice a year, in winter and spring.

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