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The Story: A knight in Arthur’s court from Ireland asks Arthur to be allowed to ride after Balin to avenge the death of the Lady of the Lake. Arthur acquiesces. Lanceor catches up with Balin. After exchanging harsh words, the two agree to battle. They ride their horses at one another, and Lanceor’s lance breaks on Balin’s shield. But Balin’s lance breaks through Lanceor’s shield and enters Lanceor’s body. Balin dismounts and discovers he has killed Lanceor.

Suddenly, a maiden rides upon the scene and rebukes Balin, saying he has killed “two bodies in one heart, and two hearts in one body.” She grabs Lanceor’s sword, and Balin tries to take it away from her. But before he can react, she turns the sword so the pommel is on the ground and thrusts herself upon the sword. Balin mourns the death of both knight and maiden and sorrowfully rides away from their bodies.

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