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Love Potion

The Color: A rose by any other name might smell as sweet, but there's something so intoxicating about this rosy red hue that you’ll fall in love with it immediately.  On some bases it's a red with pinkish undertones, but on others it's more of a coral. This yarn, like a lady, just loves to change its mind and steal your heart.

The Story: Tristan has won the hand of Isolde for his uncle, King Mark. But Isolde is worried about marrying someone she doesn’t know, so her mother prepares a love potion for Isolde and Mark to drink upon meeting. Instead of giving the love potion directly to Isolde (because she doesn’t want her to know about it), the Queen gives it into the keeping of Isolde’s handmaiden, Brangane, who is tasked with protecting the love potion during the trip and making sure Isolde and Mark—and no one else—drink the potion.

During the journey, the boat finds itself in unfavorable waters and puts to shore until conditions become favorable. Many of those on board, including Brangane, leave the ship. Isolde stays behind, as does Tristan. One of Isolde’s other women finds the small bottle with the love potion inside and innocently gives it to Tristan, hoping the wine will cheer Isolde. Isolde drinks from the bottle and hands it to Tristan, who also drinks from it. Tristan and Isolde are powerless to deny their feelings and begin the love affair that will doom them.

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