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Lunete's Plight

The Color: A deep purple with varying shades.

The Story: One day, Yvain and his lion come across a maiden imprisoned in a nearby chapel. This maiden is none other than Lunete, who had helped him earlier and who is about to be executed for treason. She laments that Yvain is actually the cause of her sentencing. Yvain asks for more details of her plight. She tells him because of her advice Laudine married Yvain, so when he did not return after the promised year, Laudine blamed Lunete. The seneschal, who had been jealous of Lunete’s influence, seized the opportunity to accuse Lunete of treason. Lunete claimed she could find a knight to defend her within forty days.

But although she has traveled to several courts, she has been unsuccessful in finding a knight to defend her. Now her time is almost done and she faces death on the morrow. Yvain vows he will defend her the next day but asks that she reveal his identity to no one. Yvain (because he is off doing another deed) is almost late to her trial, and Lunete has been tied to a stake and is about to be set on fire when Yvain finally arrives, demanding they stop before burning an innocent maiden. Yvain fights the three accusers and (with help from his lion) defeats them, allowing Lunete to be set free.


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