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The Color: Bold and confident with hints of poison and darkness, this colorway is a rich blackberry purple. The plum-like color leans toward the red side of purple, with dark black undertones to add depth and mystery.

The Name: Morold, the champion of the Irish, comes to Cornwall to claim the latest tribute. Tristan says he will fight a duel with Morold: if Tristan wins, no tribute will be paid; if Morold wins, he can take the tribute. The two men travel in small boats across the water to an island. When Tristan lands, he sets his boat free so only one boat remains—he knows that after the fight only one boat will be needed. Morold is a fierce fighter, and at first it is all Tristan can do to defend himself against the blows. Finally, Tristan overextends his shield and Morold is able to plunge his sword through Tristan’s thigh.

Morold thinks he has won, especially because he has an extra “surprise.” His sword has been coated in a poison, which has now entered Tristan’s body. Tristan doesn’t give up, however, and attacks Morold with even greater energy. Tristan is able to gain the upper hand and strikes Morold’s helmet. Morold tries to escape, but Tristan strikes again, this time cutting off Morold’s sword hand. At this point, Morold is finished, but Tristan strikes a final blow on his skull; the blow is so hard that a small fragment of Tristan’s sword is left embedded in Morold’s skull: a detail that will come back to haunt Tristan.

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