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My beauty will not hold

The Color: Like the petals of a peony, this yarn is a soft, delicate pink: pure femininity and grace.

The Name: In "The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnelle," to save Arthur's life, Gawain has agreed to marry a woman who is the most foul, ugly woman anyone has ever seen. But on their wedding night, Gawain finds his new wife is actually a beautiful woman. She tells him she has been enchanted and her "beauty will not hold"; she can be beautiful by night but ugly by day or vice versa. She gives Gawain the choice for when her beauty will show: either in public by day where everyone else can see (but then at night when they're alone, in bed, she'll be hideous) or at night in private (so Gawain can experience her beauty in their private time but everyone will think he's married to a hag). Which will he choose?

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