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Of all knights thou bearest the flower

The Color: An avocado green with undertones of beige and a tendency toward sage, this yarn has a subtle masculinity and a sturdy, earthy tone to it.

The Name: In "The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnelle," King Arthur is confronted by a knight who demands Arthur answer a question or lose his head. Arthur is given a year to discover what it is that all women want. He goes about and asks every woman he comes across and gets many different answers but nothing that seems like the answer. He meets a foul, ugly woman in the forest who claims to have the answer, but she'll tell Arthur only if Gawain agrees to marry her. When Arthur presents this request to Gawain, he immediately agrees to it because there is nothing he wouldn't do for his friend and king. Arthur thanks Gawain profusely, saying that "of all knights" Gawain "bearest the flower"; in other words, Gawain takes the prize and is the best of all knights.

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