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Prydwen Sails Again

The Color: This colorway inspires thoughts of deep-sea adventures, monsters of the deep, and mythic adventure. It’s a two-stripe sequence alternating between rich teal-evergreen and lighter sage with teal undertones.

The Name: In one of the Welsh stories about King Arthur (The Spoils of Annwfn), Arthur and his men sail aboard a ship named the Prydwen on a rescue mission to free Gwair from Caer Siddi (a fairy fortress). Unfortunately, the mission was not completely successful as only seven of the men who had begun the adventure returned at the end. Another Welsh story (Culhwch and Olwen) also names the Prydwen as Arthur's ship; in this story, Arthur and his men sail aboard the ship to help Culhwch with a series of impossible tasks so he can win the hand of Olwen, a task which is successful.

The Spoils of Annwfn is one of the stories found in the Book of Taliesin, a series of poems supposedly written by the famous bard, Taliesin. The darker teal color in this yarn is the same as the Taliesin colorway.

Heather Dale, a modern singer/songwriter who focuses on folklore, has a song titled "The Prydwen Sails Again" in which she tells the tale of the doomed mission to Caer Siddi. It's a rather powerful and haunting song, which was originally released on the Trial of Lancelot CD, but which has been rereleased on the Avalon CD. I highly recommend any of Heather Dale's songs; you can hear samples on her website.

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