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Sir Gromer Somer Joure

This colorway has been discontinued (effective September 18, 2017).

The Color: The boldness of a challenge lies within this yarn which is a bright (almost neon, even!) yellow-green.

The Name: Sir Gromer Somer Joure is a character in the Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnell story and is the brother of Dame Ragnell. Sir Gromer Somer Joure challenges Arthur to figure out what it is that women most desire—or risk losing his life. Gawain, determined to help his king and uncle, sets off on a quest to find the answer. With the help of Dame Ragnell, he finds the answer and saves Arthur. But the price for the answer is for Gawain to marry Dame Ragnell, who is a rather hideous hag. On their wedding night, Gawain learns that Dame Ragnell is really a beautiful woman under a curse and she can be beautiful by day (when everyone else can see her) or by night (when she and Gawain are alone in their bedroom). He lets her decide, and she chooses to be beautiful always.

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