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Sir Kay

The Color: This colorway is a tonal tan, with subtle variations like grains of sand on a beach. You can depend on this colorway to be a reliable neutral for any project; use it alone for a go-with-anything look or as the background for playful colorwork.

The Story: Kay is Arthur’s foster brother. Arthur serves as Kay’s squire during Kay’s first tournament, in which Kay forgets his sword and asks Arthur to fetch it. This leads young Arthur to the sword in the stone, which he pulls out to give to Kay (not knowing the significance of the sword). When Arthur is proclaimed king, his foster father has one request: make Kay seneschal. (A seneschal was in charge of a household’s domestic arrangement and servants.) Kay is often portrayed as rather rude or even cruel, throwing insults at others. Yet he is loyal to Arthur and a trusted member of Arthur’s household.

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