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Sword in the Stone

The Color: A bright and bold combination of neutral black and medium steel grey with bright sunshine yellow, this colorway will brighten up your sock knitting (and might just be perfect for the Steelers fan in your life).

The Name: When Uther Pendragon was killed in battle, he seemingly had no heirs as very few people were aware that his son Arthur had been taken away by Merlin and placed with another family for fostering. To determine who would be the next king, a challenge was set: a sword had been found set within a stone and whoever could pull that sword from the stone would be the rightful ruler. Many men tried to no avail. Then, during a tournament when Arthur was a squire for his foster brother Kay, Arthur forgot Kay's sword. He had to hurry back to their lodgings to retrieve the sword and along the way saw the sword in the stone. Thinking that it would be much faster to grab that sword and hurry back to Kay rather than go all the way back to their lodging, Arthur grabbed the sword, which easily came out of the stone for him. With these three colors, the grey represents the steel of the sword and the black the rock in which it was placed. The yellow is the imagined glow surrounding Arthur as he fulfills his destiny as the rightful king.

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