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The Color: A rich peacock blue, this colorway is teal in all its splendor. With its subtle hints of aqua, this classic color will feel like poetry on your needles.

The Name: In a Welsh story, the with Ceridwen was brewing a cauldron of inspiration, which was being stirred by a boy named Gwion. The boy got three drops of the potion on his finger and licked them off, instantly gaining magic. He ran away and Ceridwen gave chase, each of them transforming into various animals and things along the way. Finally, Gwion transforms into a grain and Ceridwen into a chicken, who eats the grain. This action causes Ceridwen to become pregnant, and the child she gives birth to is Taliesin.

Although she wanted to kill the baby, Ceridwen couldn't quite do it, so she put him into a leather bag and tossed him into the sea. Fortunately, the baby was rescued and raised in a noble family. Taliesin became a famous poet and was known far and wide for both his poetry and his prophecy. At one point, he and Merlin have an enlightening conversation.

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