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The Fair Unknown

The Color: When you look at this yarn in the skein, it seems like a nice, unassuming blend of springtime pastels. Knit it up, however, and you’ll discover that it stands on its own merits as a colorful and somewhat unexpected combination that will instantly lift your mood. This self-striping skein includes bold pink, juicy peach, sunshine yellow, springtime grass green, brightest ocean blue, and vibrant grape-y purple.

The Name: Gareth is the youngest brother of Sir Gawain. When Gareth is old enough to come to King Arthur’s court, he comes in disguise (a “fair unknown”) because he wants to prove his own worth instead of being known as Gawain’s little brother. He starts off as a kitchen boy and is treated poorly by Sir Kay, the seneschal. Gareth is given a quest and although he is derided as a kitchen boy along the way, he does prove his worth and become a knight, finally revealing himself as the brother of Gawain.

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