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The Underwater Bridge

The Color: This bold, masculine pairing of classic red and royal blue is tied together with a solid foundation of steel grey (with some occasional blueish flecks for fun and depth).

The Story: Guenevere has been kidnapped by Melagant, and Lancelot and Gawain both set out to rescue her. They discover there are two ways to get to Melagant’s castle: the Sword Bridge and the Underwater Bridge. Gawain chooses the latter, which is the easier of the two (Lancelot is meant to be the main hero, so he is given the more difficult path). The two knights part and after Lancelot finishes his quest, he seeks Gawain at the Underwater Bridge but is captured by a group of men. Lancelot’s companions continue on to find Gawain near drowning in his attempt to cross the bridge. After rescuing Gawain, the group goes off to rescue Lancelot and eventually Guenevere.

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