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The Wooing of Isolde

The Color: This icy light blue colorway will enchant you like the first perfect blue sky of spring or the eyes of the most beautiful girl in the world. It's a cool, pastel blue with subtle streaks of silvery white for depth and intrigue. Once you get your hands on it you'll never want to let it go, though you may be inspired to create something fit for an ice queen.

The Name: King Mark wants to marry Isolde of Ireland (part of a peace-making strategy), and he sends his nephew Tristan to win her for Mark. Ireland has been beset by a great dragon, whom no one has been able to defeat. It has gotten so bad that the king of Ireland has declared he will give his daughter (Isolde) in marriage to the man who defeats the dragon. Tristan vows to do just this. Unbeknownst to him, another man is determined to defeat the dragon and win Isolde: the Steward, who lusts after the fair maiden and sees this as the way to win her.

After a long fight with the dragon, Tristan gains the upper hand, killing it. Tristan cuts out the dragon’s tongue as proof that he was the one to kill it. Seeking rest in a pool, Tristan is overcome by the fumes from the tongue and remains there, unconscious, for days. The Steward finds the dead dragon and claims the kill–and Isolde. But Isolde and her mother investigate and discover Tristan, taking him back to the castle so he can recover. Tristan confronts the Steward, who withdraws his claim, and Isolde is taken back to Cornwall to marry Tristan’s uncle. This journey will change their fates forever.

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