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The Color: The golden brown of straw just waiting to be spun into gold. Though it seems simple and reserved, hidden within these golden strands lies the boldness of a lion.

The Name: Yvain was the son of Urien (and either the son or stepson of Urien's wife, Morgan le Fay, depending on the story). He falls in love with Laudine, whose husband he had just defeated. Lunete, Laudine's sister, persuades Laudine to marry Yvain. But Yvain feels stiffled by married life and wants to go out and adventure with the other knights. Laudine agrees but asks him to return in a year. He misses the deadline and when he tries to return to his wife, she rejects him. He loses his mind for a time, but eventually it returns and he finds himself coming to the aid of a lion, who becomes his companion. Yvain is thereafter known as the Knight of the Lion. And eventually, with Lunete's help, he and Laudine are reconciled.

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