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Knitting Tips and Tricks

Finding a Local Knitting Community

Although I love my online communities, sometimes it's nice to have a physical group of fiber friends that you can meet with, share projects in person, and even get help choosing a color or picking up a dropped stitch! But how do you go about finding that local community? Your Local Yarn Shop If you have a local yarn shop, try there first. Frequently, shops have specific knitting group times, either once a month or weekly. Sometimes shops even have space available to sit and knit anytime the shop is open. Not sure what your shop's policy is? Don't hesitate to...

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Finding an Online Knitting Community

In a survey of my newsletter subscribers, two-thirds responded that they have at least one online knitting community. Most of those responses indicated that the online community was on Ravelry (almost three-fourths), but a fifth use Facebook. Those are the two places I use myself, so that's what I'm going to focus on, but I'll mention a couple of other online communities as well. Ravelry How many Ravelry groups do you belong to? I'm in 60 (eek!), although I'm more active in some than others. There are groups for just about anything you can imagine, from specific designers or dyers...

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How to Find a Pattern for Yarn in Your Stash

To get to the advanced pattern search, click the Patterns tab and then click Use the pattern browser & advanced search. From there, you'll see a list of potential filters along the left side. I've created a video tutorial for how to use these filters, so you can watch the video for an overview of how this search works. Below are the filters I recommend you use if you want to try to find a pattern for a specific yarn in your stash. Craft Choose one (or more) of these filters if you want to narrow down the search to the type of...

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Get Control of Your Yarn Stash

Stash. We all have it whether you have just a few skeins or enough to start your own yarn shop. And the feelings about our stashes also vary. Some people with rather large stashes feel quite happy and comfortable ("Love what I have and look forward to using it!") while it makes others feel overwhelmed ("I love the content, but the size feels like a burden.") If you are in that latter category, what can you do to help you feel better about your stash? Let it go Yeah, easier to say than do sometimes and the obvious answer (but...

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Value in Color Theory

In case you missed it last time, make sure to check out the previous two color theory lessons on working with the color wheel and choosing color combinations based upon the wheel. This time, we're going to talk about color value and why that's an important consideration when choosing colors. Then I'm going to show you a little of my process for choosing self-striping colors. If you remember from the earlier lesson on color theory terminology, value refers to a color's brightness, how light or dark it is. To add some depth and contrast to your project, it's good to consider colors...

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