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Brioche Again

You might say that I'm a bit obsessed with brioche. And if you're not obsessed, you might be tired of hearing me talk about it. But seriously. If you haven't tried it yet, do it. If you tried it once before and didn't quite get it or didn't quite like it and it's been a while, give it another go. The first time I tried it years ago, I thought that I hated it and that I would never want to do it again. I'm super happy that I didn't stick to that idea!

So in the interest of progressing your brioche skills, I have two more tutorial videos to share with you this week, one on brioche increases (brkyobrk and br4st inc) and one on another brioche decrease (br4st dec -- which is much easier if you use a locking stitch marker while working it!).

So take a moment to watch the videos (and the previous videos if you need them) and give a brioche project a try. (I recommend a 2-color project because I find it much easier to see what's going on.)

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