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Cowl Blocking Tip

In my cowl patterns, I usually have a line about my favorite way to block cowls is to use pool noodles. Here's what that looks like:

Basically, I get some pool noodles (right now is a great time to get them at a discount, though they're relatively inexpensive anyway) and cut one into four sections (in half and then half again) to get smaller tubes. I start by putting a tube on each side of the cowl and then start putting tubes inside until I've got it filled.

The pool noodles have a few advantages:
1. The rounded shape will keep your cowl edges "rounded"--meaning you won't be laying your cowl flat and risk creating creases.
2. It's easy to shift the pool noodles (roll them) to have the other side of the cowl on top every so often, which can help speed up the drying process. (As long as you haven't done the next thing.)
3. Because pool noodles are made of foam, if you have a cowl that you need to pin out, it's easy to stick pins in the pool noodles.

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