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Do you ever want to hold two yarns together? Finding patterns

Laceweight yarn blends with mohair have been pretty popular this year and a number of patterns have used that yarn held together with another yarn to create a fuzzy halo in the finished item. But it was a challenge to find those patterns on Ravelry as there wasn't an easy way to search it (beyond searching for patterns that use mohair yarn, which didn't always bring up these types of patterns). But now Ravelry has added another search option: search by Yarn Held Together.

You'll find this search option over in the Advanced Pattern Search feature on Ravelry. If you're not familiar with how to use the Advanced Pattern Search, I do have a tutorial video that I made a while back showing how to do that.

So, if you look at the options on the left side of the screen on Advanced Pattern Search, you'll find the section called Yarn Held Together. It looks like this:

You can check the 2 yarns box if you want any pattern that has any 2 yarns held together, meaning they could be the same or different weights of yarn. If you want 2 yarns of the same weight (such as two fingering weight yarns), then choose the 2 yarns, same weight option. You can also open up the folder for Individual yarn weights and choose specific weights of yarn, which would work nicely if you do want to hold 2 fingering weight yarns together, for example.

So, what if you specifically want a pattern that holds a mohair yarn together with another yarn? How can you find those patterns? First, in this box, check the 2 yarns box. Then, go to the box for Fiber and select Mohair. When I did that, I got just over 1500 matches! If you have a laceweight mohair, you might want to also check the Lace box under Individual yarn weights. That brought my search down to around 1200. 

Then, if you're looking for a specific type of project (hat, shawl, etc.), you can select those options to narrow down your search even more. I have some laceweight mohair and some fingering weight yarn in my stash that I want to hold together to make a hat. I knew that was what the yarn was going to become when I bought that yarn earlier this year. But I was having trouble finding the right pattern for it. Now I can search specifically for hat patterns that use those two types of yarn. Here are my search options:

I used the above search and just added a few more variables: knitting, hat, and fingering weight (to go with the laceweight). And now I have 32 hats to look at as options! (And I think Sparkling Cider by Kristin Lehrer is going to be it. And I just might add the optional beads to it as well!)

I hope you have fun with this additional search feature! (Also, I do have a mohair/silk laceweight yarn, called Honor. Right now only one skein is in stock as it is mostly a dye to order base. So if you'd like to get some mohair/silk laceweight and try a pattern that uses it together with another yarn, head over to the website and order some in your favorite color.)

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