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Knitting a Smoother SSK

The ssk decrease instructions usually tell you to slip one stitch as if to knit, slip a second stitch as if to knit, and then knit both stitches through the back loop. But that doesn't always create the neatest of decreases, especially if they are stacked to create a specific design in the pattern.

So what can you do instead?

The method I normally use for the ssk is to slip the first stitch as if to knit but then slip the second stitch as if to purl (and then knit them both together through the back loop). This one small change can make a line of ssk decreases look a little more even, especially if it is supposed to mirror a line of k2tog decreases. But it's still not that great.

An even better option is to change the way you knit (or purl) the stitch on the round following the round with the ssk. For this option, if you're knitting in the round, when you come to the stitch formed from the ssk in the previous round, instead of knitting that stitch as usual, knit that stitch through the back loop. You can also do this if you're knitting flat and purling back across the row; in this case, purl the stitch created by the ssk through the back loop. This option twists the stitch, which causes it to tighten up, creating a neater line. I've only just started to use this technique, but I'm really liking how my ssk decreases are turning out!

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