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Road trip planner

I drove all the way to Tennessee (from Texas) for Into the Wool in 2018. I did stop at one yarn shop along the way, though I would have loved to stop at more. Ravelry's Road Trip Planner would have come in handy if I had had more time to stop on my trip. In case you're not familiar with this really cool Ravelry feature, I wanted to show it to you so you can use it for your next road trip.

First, to find the Road Trip Planner, click on the yarns tab in the main menu (upper left corner). On the left side, right below the box of popular new yarns, you should see this:

You can, of course, search for yarn shops in specific locations in the search box, but for the Road Trip Planner, click on that link. Once you do, you'll see this page:

Just fill in your starting location in Leaving from and your Destination. Then, decide how far off your main route you'd be willing to go for a LYS stop. Then just click the button Find shops on my route.

You'll get a page with a little map showing the suggested route and a list of shops. (If you'd like to adjust your route, you can zoom in and move the blue line.) 

Before you start your trip and visit the shop(s) on the list, make sure you do three things:

1. Check the days/hours for the shop. You don't want to show up on a Monday if that's the one day each week that shop is closed.

2. Sometimes the Ravelry database hasn't been updated that a shop has closed permanently, so give the shop a call or check out its website to be sure it is still an active shop.

3. Check to make sure the listing is actually a shop. Sometimes indie dyers or online only shops are listed, and usually they don't have an actual place for you to visit. (You don't want to show up at someone's house!)

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