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Round Table Yarns is closing

The subject line gives it away, so I'll get straight to the announcement: Round Table Yarns is closing.

I want to say a huge thank you for your tremendous support over the past 6 years. Round Table Yarns would not exist without each and every one of you.

Closing dates

Round Table Yarns will be having a graduated discount sale for the next month as I clear out inventory. Here are the dates and details:

January 12: Everything in the shop discounted 15%
January 19: Everything in the shop discounted 25%
January 26: Everything in the shop discounted 40%
February 2: Tournament of Yarns (mystery bag) with any remaining inventory

I will be making the discount automatic (no coupon code). My goal is to have the website updated with the discount each time around 9am (Central). But because I have to do it manually, it may be a few minutes before or after.

Updated January 15: All yarn has been sold; a few enamel pins and copies of my book are remaining. I'll continue the above discount schedule for these last few items, but the Tournament of Yarns will not take place since there is no more yarn.

Inventory levels

As far as I am aware, everything I have is currently listed on the website. There are occasionally skeins of yarn that somehow don't get listed, so it's possible that I may find a skein or two that is not currently posted on the website. If so, I'll list it as soon as I find it so that the website will remain up to date for inventory.

The shop will remain open until all inventory is gone. If all of the yarn sells out before one of the above-listed dates, the shop will close earlier than listed.

So if there's something you really want, make sure to grab it earlier rather than later so you don't miss out.


I still have a bunch of Round Table Yarns enamel pins. While supplies last, I'll be including an enamel pin with every order. I also have a few other branded items, such as pens and notebooks, that I will also include in shipments until those run out.

I have needle tubes (for circular needles) that I haven't listed on the website (too many varieties as almost every package is different), so I'll also include a free set of needle tubes for orders until those run out. So lots of goodies for the first few orders and an enamel pin for as many orders as possible.

Updated January 15: All extra items have been sent out.

Packages and shipping

I am almost out of the muslin bags I use to ship yarn, so only a few orders will receive those bags. Yarn orders after I run out will be in plastic bags. I still have a decent amount of the purple mailing envelopes, so I'll use those until they run out. (Update: I am out of the muslin bags.)

I have no idea what to expect as far as how many orders come in at a time. I may not get to the post office every day, but I'll ship out packages as quickly as possible. If you are local to me (75054) and want to arrange for pickup, just email me and let me know.

Mailing list, website, social media

I will be sending out an email through my mailing list with updates each week on the graduated discounts and any other closing news. After all of my inventory is sold, I will send out one final message and then delete the mailing list. I will not give or sell the list to anyone else; your email addresses are safe with me.

The website is paid in advance through some point in August. Although there won't be anything to buy on the site after the inventory is gone, I'll still have the blog articles on the site. Between now and August, I'll find a free blogging site solution and transfer those articles (as well as some of the newsletter articles from the past few months that haven't yet made it to the blog) so that the content isn't lost. I'll post a notice on the Round Table Yarns website when I have made that transition.

After the inventory is gone, I'll be deleting the Round Table Yarns Facebook page. My Instagram account (@karendawnknits) will just shift from a business to a personal account (that's a shift behind the scenes; you really won't notice anything except a lack of a shop button on my profile page), and that will be the best place online to see what I'm knitting (and perhaps baking) in the future.

Added: I will keep my Ravelry group open so you can post photos of your finished items there still. There are also a number of pattern bundles available in that group that I want to remain available as well, so please continue to use those.

Other items for sale

I do have other items I'll be selling, so if you or anyone you know might be interested in any of the following, please email me and let me know: grid wall panels, hooks, baskets, and other grid wall supplies; an electric skein winder; dyes; and other miscellaneous items I used in my booth for display purposes.

Updated January 15: I have made a list of the dyes and supplies that I have for sale.


Again, I cannot express just how much your support has meant to me. There is no way I could have built this business or enjoyed it as much without you. Thank you for everything. I hope to run into you at future fiber festivals or online.

Wishing you all the best,

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