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Thank you for the compliment

I know you've had it happen to you. You're wearing a hat or sweater or scarf that you made and someone compliments you on it. "I love your sweater!" What do you say in response? "Oh, thanks. I messed up right here and the seaming is a bit off, but I guess it looks okay." You might have something different that you point out as an issue with your handmade item, but think about it. How often does this basic conversation play out? Why do we seem to need to point out any shortcomings in our work when someone says they love it?

I could go into a bunch of the psychology behind this situation,* but I'm going to keep it simple and direct. It doesn't matter if your sweater/hat/scarf/whatever isn't perfect. You made it and that is awesome. Don't short change yourself and your work. Instead, just say "thank you" and stop there. Or say, "Thanks! I really enjoyed making it!" (If it's another knitter/crocheter, it's completely appropriate to also add in which pattern it was and what yarn you used--especially since that's probably their next question.) 

I'll be honest. It's not always easy to just say thank you and leave it at that, especially if you've been "dodging" compliments for years. But give it a try the next time you receive a compliment. And the time after that. After you practice a few times, it should get easier. Show off your work with pride and accept the compliments.

*If you are interested in reading more about compliments and our inability to accept them without putting ourselves down, check out this article, or this one, or this one, or this one. And that's what I found after a quick search. There's so much more where those came from.

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