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Using the Forums on Ravelry

Do you use the forums on Ravelry? I spend quite a bit of time there each day, but I know not everyone feels comfortable with using the forums, especially as there is a little bit of tech know-how (but nothing too scary!) for posting, such as formatting your text or adding pictures.

I've created several video tutorials for working with the Ravelry forums. At first, I was just going to create one long video, but I realized that there wasn't a logical flow to everything I wanted to say about the forums to have it all be in one video. Plus it seemed like it was helpful to have short videos on specific topics so you could pick and choose the one(s) that cover what you need to know.

So I have 9 Ravelry tutorials about working with the forums.

Replying to a specific post vs. the entire thread: What's the different between replying to a specific post and replying to the whole thread? (For that matter, what's the difference between a post and thread?) This video explains the difference and how to reply.

Starting a new thread: Do you have a topic you'd like to discuss, but you don't see an appropriate thread already started? That means it's time to start your own, and this video shows you how to do that.

Formatting text: Do you want bold text? Italics? A bulleted list? This video shares some of the most common ways to add formatting to your text (and even explains how to actually be able to write an * without creating italicized text). 

Magic linking: How do you magic link a person, pattern, or project in a forum post? This video explains it. (Magic linking a person is also known as "earburning.")

Adding a picture: How do you add a picture to your forum post? Ravelry has four main ways to do it. I explain all four but focus on the two most often used options: adding from your computer/phone and adding from one of your project or stash pages.

Using a spoiler warning: I just learned this myself recently. (Thanks, Craftmouse!) If you want to write something but don't want to give away a surprise (think of something happening on a TV show or a package reveal for a yarn club), Ravelry has a neat way of creating a spoiler warning in your post. (I'm going to ask future yarn club members to use this spoiler warning for each shipment until everyone in the club has that month's yarn.)

Filtering a thread to see just the pictures or projects: Do you want to just look at the posts in a thread that have pictures? Want to see a quick list of all the patterns people have mentioned in a thread? This video shows you how to do it.

Sorting forums into tabs: If you're like me and are in a lot of groups, it can be difficult to find the message board for a specific group on your list of forums. To make it easier, you can organize your forums into tabs to help you find them more easily.

Using forum settings: Ravelry gives you a few options for some settings on your forums. This video runs you through those options (including how to remove the disagree button so you never have to worry about it).

There are still more things I could say about the Ravelry forums, but I thought this would be useful in getting you started if you're not yet comfortable using the forums, as well as a few tidbits that you might find helpful even if you've been using the forums for a while. 

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