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Whip Your WIPs into Shape

Having multiple WIPs can actually be a good thing. But what happens if you seem to be perpetually starting new projects and never finishing any (so you have 30 WIPs or more at a time)? What if you have WIPs that you haven't worked on in years?

First off, remember, there is nothing wrong with having multiple WIPs. But if you feel uncomfortable about your WIPs or have WIPs you haven't worked on in ages, here are some questions to think about.

1. Why aren't you working on a particular WIP? Take a good look at the WIP you haven't worked on. Why aren't you itching to grab it and work on it? Could it be that you've reached a point in the project where you're unsure about the directions and don't feel confident enough to continue? Did you make a mistake that you don't know how to fix? Do you feel that maybe the yarn and pattern just aren't working together but you're not quite sure yet? Did you lose your place in the pattern and forget where you are?

I could go on listing reasons, but I think that gives you a good place to start. Once you identify the issue with the project, you can better determine how to proceed with it.

2. Do you have startitis? Meaning that you love starting new projects but don't get very far into them? If you do, I honestly don't blame you. With all the awesome patterns and yarn available out there, it's so hard to commit to just one thing because that means you're having to say no to everything else that has caught your attention. And who can say no to that gorgeous shawl you want to knit with the merino/silk yarn? Oh, but what about that nifty cabled sweater from the pretty purple yarn? Oh, but then there's... Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.

Here's something to think about. Why do you knit? Have you heard the terms "process knitter" and "project knitter"? Which part of knitting excites you more: the actual act of knitting or the feeling of accomplishment when you have a completed object? Most likely, if you love casting on all the things, you're a process knitter. It's the actual act of knitting that give you the most enjoyment and is the most exciting. So it's easy to get swept up in a new project. But if you think about your goals in knitting, it might help you determine when to say yes to starting a new project and when to tell it "not now."

It might take a little soul searching to discover why you have all these WIPs that aren't being worked on, but the above questions at least give you a place to start.

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