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Why You Should Use the Ravelry Queue

When I first started using Ravelry, I didn't completely understand the queue feature. I used it as a place to save all of the patterns that I thought I might want to knit some day. Now, instead of doing that, I use the favorites feature to save patterns I might want to knit and the queue feature to save patterns that I'm truly planning to knit, usually those projects where I already have the yarn. And if you use the queue in this way, it can be very powerful.

First, if you haven't used the queue before or are unclear about how to use it, I've created a tutorial video for how to add a project to your queue.

But why should you want to add projects to your queue? Here are my top 10 reasons for using the queue:

1. You can match up pattern and yarn so you can see at a glance what you could knit next and what you have ready to go.

2. You can add deadlines to the queue so you can plan your knitting during times such as the upcoming holiday season.

3. As I show in the video, you can click "start project" from your queue and have a project page automatically created with the pattern, yarn, and notes already filled in.

4. You can use the queue to filter your stash. One of the options to filter your stash is to select queued or not queued yarn. That way you can see at a glance which yarn already has a project lined up for it and which yarn is still available.

5. As an extension of number 4, if you look at a particular yarn in your stash, you can see if it is already connected to a project.

6. You can add patterns listed in your queue to your wish list, which you can use for yourself or for someone else to look at and perhaps gift the pattern to you.

7. You can print a "shopping list" for your queue that you can take to your LYS to search for yarn for projects on your list.

8. It's easy to reorganize and change the priority of the items in your queue so you can remember what needs to be worked on next.

9. You can have lots of fun matching up potential patterns and yarn and imagining all the things you could do with your stash. (Spending time on Ravelry is almost as much fun as knitting.)

10. When you're not sure what you knit next, you can just look at your queue and select something from there instead of having to search all of Ravelry for a pattern (which can be fun but can also take a lot of time when you just want to sit down and knit).

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