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Yarn and Needle Size

I have some yarn in my stash (leftovers and handspun) that I either don't remember or am unsure of what weight it is. I can use tricks such as a WPI to check how many wraps per inch in the yarn and look it up on a chart to find the weight. But there's another way that can help, and you can even use this tip for figuring out the needle size to use when you're holding two strands of yarn together (whether the same yarn or two different yarns).

First, take the yarn in question and fold it on itself once to create two side-by-side strands. Then, place it atop each hole in the needle gauge until to find the one that the yarn covers.

Yarn and Needle Size

Now, this is just the starting point for your needle size. You'll need to check gauge for a specific pattern and also make sure that you like the resulting fabric. But it at least gives you a place to start, especially if you have a mystery yarn.

What about if you want to hold two yarns together? To check that situation, take the two yarns and twist them together. Then fold the yarns over on themselves as you did with the single strand. Again, check to see which hole they cover.

Yarn and Needle Size

I hope you find this tip helpful and enjoy checking all your mystery yarn or various combinations of two (or more!) yarns held together.

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