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Knitting Tips and Tricks

Toss out those unhelpful "rules"

As I started working through my WIPs for the WIP Quest challenge, I realized something that had been holding me back from working on one of my projects: I had created a "rule" for myself and this project went against that rule so I felt like working on the project didn't count or was breaking the rule and therefore I shouldn't really be working on it. And you know what? The rule isn't a rule at all. It's something I imposed on myself that has no basis for being a hard and fast rule. It's a rule that is perfectly...

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How to add books and magazines to your Ravelry library

Did you know that you can add your physical books and magazines to your Ravelry library? Besides helping you keep track of what you actually own, there's another really big reason to take the time to add these to your library. Once you do that, you can search patterns in your library! Here's how to add a physical book or magazine to your library: First, click on Library under the My Notebook section in your Ravelry account. Then click on the button that says "add items to my library."  In the search box, type in the name of the book...

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Tips to winding yarn without getting into a tangle

When you buy yarn, it can come in different types of forms. One of those, commonly used by indie dyers, is the hank -- that large loop of yarn. Most of you know that you should wind that yarn into a ball or cake before working with it, but that's the first tip. Do not work directly from the loop of yarn, even if you have a mini skein. Odds are it will become tangled and bring frustration rather than relaxation to your crafting time. Instead, create a ball or cake. You can wind a ball by hand or use a tool such as a...

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Answers to your questions

In a survey to my mailing list, I invited you to ask me any questions about knitting that you'd like. Here are some of your questions with my responses. Are you a process or a product knitter? Definitely process. Yes, I like having the finished project, but for me, it's all about the actual moving of the needles and yarn and creating stitches. It's the knitting itself that I love most. Do you keep track of which projects you intend yarn purchases for? Yes, I use my Ravelry queue for that. If I have a specific project in mind for a yarn I buy, I add...

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The discomfort you're feeling is grief

I'll be honest. A few weekends ago, I was having a really rough time. If life hadn't been disrupted, many of us would have been at DFW Fiber Fest, one of my favorite weekends of the year. When the festival was canceled, I told myself (and you) that I would spend the time up to the weekend and during the weekend itself doing tons of social media posts and live videos. But none of that happened. Instead, I found myself drawing inward, retreating. I was still talking to friends and even did some virtual meetups. But my energy levels were...

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