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Abduction of Guenevere

The theme for this club, which ran from December 2017 through March 2018, was the Abduction of Guenevere. One day, Queen Guenevere takes a few knights with her on a pleasant horseback ride. But the ride quickly turns unpleasant when an evil knight comes along and abducts the queen! For this yarn club, members received part of the story each shipment and found out who kidnapped Guenevere and why through the end of the adventure. (What does Lancelot do when he finds out? Is Guenevere rescued? How does Guenevere end up getting herself in even more trouble?) Club members were able to choose among 8 different bases for this club, so members received the same colors on different bases depending on their preferences.


The Knight of the Cart

A wounded knight

A generous offer



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