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The Poisoned Apple

The theme for this club, which ran from October 2016 through January 2017, was “The Poisoned Apple.” In this story, Guenevere hosts a dinner party for a group of knights. During the dinner party, one of the knights eats a poisoned apple and dies. Guenevere is accused of the poisoning and faces trial. No knight comes forward to take her side, and Lancelot (her usual champion) is not at court due to the falling out they previously had. Each shipment contained part of the story, with the finale determining Guenevere’s fate.

Shame and Slander

Received on Camelot.

The Poisoned Apple

Received on Tristan.

Destroyer of Good Knights

Received on Guenevere.

Ever to be her knight

Received on Lancelot.

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