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Merlin in Accolon

Merlin in Accolon

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About the Yarn Base (Merlin)

What fiber enthusiast isn’t looking for a loyal sock yarn companion? A base to always stand by your side and protect your feet from the harsh chill of winter? Merlin is here for you; with its blend that includes 25% nylon, it’s sure to stand the test of time, while the merino ensures the projects you make will be more than next-to-skin soft.

75% superwash merino/25% nylon
fingering weight
100 grams
463 yds / 423 m

The Story Behind the Colorway Name

Morgan le Fay was married off to a man much older than her, Uriens, who had
a son, Accolon. Although Morgan was technically Accolon's stepmother, they
fell in love with one another. Morgan and Arthur (half-siblings) had a rocky
relationship (to say the least), and although Morgan sometimes did good things
for Arthur, she seemed to also always have a scheme to try to kill him. So she
tricks Accolon into fighting Arthur, hoping her lover will kill him. Morgan is
able to get hold of Excalibur (during a time when Arthur trusted her) and she
gives the sword to Accolon. Arthur is magically transported to a place Morgan
has chosen for the battle, and Accolon is told that Morgan wants him to fight a
knight he will find there (he does not know the knight is Arthur). Because
Accolon has Excalibur, he is able to get the upper hand and Arthur is soon
wounded. But through the help of Nimue, who has discovered Morgan's plot,
Arthur is able to get Excalibur back after Accolon almost drops the sword. With
Excalibur returned to him, Arthur is able to defeat Accolon, who cries mercy
especially once he realizes he has been fighting Arthur. And although Accolon
is forgiven, his wounds are too deep for healing, and he dies four days later.

Projects Made from Merlin

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About the Yarn from Round Table Yarns

The yarns from Round Table Yarns are dyed by hand in small dye lots so each skein receives special care and attention. Colorway names have been taken from the stories of King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table, and on the inside of each label, you can read the story of the inspiration behind the name.


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