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Guigemar Yarn Club

The yarn club is closed. Thank you to everyone who signed up! The first shipment goes out June 1.

Guigemar earns a reputation as the most handsome, intelligent, and brave young man in the land. Many women fall in love with him, but he never returns their love. One day, during a hunt, Guigemar mortally wounds a white hind, wounding himself in the process. The white hind curses Guigemar with her last breath: never will his wound be healed but by a woman who will suffer greatly for love of Guigemar and he for love of her. Will Guigemar's wound be healed? Will Guigemar fall in love at last?

About the Club

Length of Club

For three months, you’ll receive one shipment each month (three total shipments) of a special yarn club colorway based upon this story. The story has been split into three parts. Each month, you’ll receive part of the story on a postcard and a color of yarn based upon that part of the story. In one of the packages, you’ll receive an extra small gift.

Yarn Colors

Each yarn color is a surprise that you’ll anticipate each month along with the next part of the story. The colors are exclusive to the yarn club for at least three months from the date of shipment. Colors will be semi-solids/tonals (and are somewhat "summery" colors) and the three colors will coordinate with one another so you can use them in the same project if you'd like.

Yarn Bases

The yarn base will be the same throughout this club: Camelot (fingering weight, 80% superwash merino/10% cashmere/10% nylon, 100 grams, 435 yards). You’ll be able to choose to receive 1 or 2 skeins per month.

Additional Perks

You’ll also have the option of participating in a knit-along/crochet-along in the Round Table Yarns group on Ravelry, where you can chat with other yarn club members and be eligible to win prizes. In addition, you’ll receive a recommended list of pattern ideas (posted on Ravelry) for using your yarn club yarn. Because you'll be receiving the same base all three months, I've set up a special list of patterns that use all three yarn club colors together.

There will also be some virtual meetups using Zoom during the yarn club. (Specific dates/times will be determined once club members have signed up. I'll send you a survey for your preferences.)

As a yarn club member, if you love a color that you receive and want to order more on the same or a different base, you do not have to wait until the end of the 3-month exclusivity period for that color. You just need to email me for a custom order.


Sign ups for the club will run from May 11-25. However, the club may close early if all spots are filled.

First Shipment: Mailed June 1
Second Shipment: Mailed July 1
Third Shipment: Mailed August 1

Payment Details

You can pay for the entire club when you sign up or you can pay in installments. The cost of the club will vary based upon how many skeins per month you pick. Shipping costs (at a reduced rate) are included in the price of the club, so the club prices will vary depending on if you live in the United States or Canada. (Note: Because of the coronavirus pandemic, international shipping has become unreliable, so this club will only run in the U.S. and Canada. If you live in another country and want to join the club, send me a message and we can discuss potential options.)

Pricing for Upfront Payment

1 skein/month: $99
2 skeins/month: $192

1 skein/month: $108
2 skeins/month: $204

Pricing for Installment Payments

You'll pay 3 installment payments in the following amount each month:

1 skein/month: $33
2 skeins/month: $64

1 skein/month: $36
2 skeins/month: $68

Installment Payment Details

If you chose installment payments, you’ll pay the first installment payment on the date you sign up for the yarn club. You’ll then have two more installment payments. The date of payment in each of those months will be the same date you signed up in May. (So that means that if you sign up on May 12, for example, that you’ll be making the additional payments on the 12th of June and July.) Payments will automatically be made to your credit card on that date each month (you should receive a notice 3 days in advance that a payment is upcoming).

When you make the final payment, you’ll get a notice that your subscription has been canceled. This is just the language used to let you know that you are at the end of your installment payments. Your subscription itself has not been canceled and you will receive all three yarn club packages!

More Details

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