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Yarn Club FAQs


What is the cost of the club? Is shipping included?

The cost of the club will vary each time, based upon the length of time and the bases that will be shipped. You can get more details about the specific club costs on the page about the club. Shipping is based upon your location and is added to the price of the club.

Can I get two skeins the first month, three skeins the second month, one skein the third month, and two skeins the fourth month? (Or any other combination like that?)

No. The number of skeins you choose when you sign up will be the number you receive each month with no variation.

When does the club close?

The club closes on the date specified on the yarn club page or when the maximum number of signups has happened. I have a certain number of skeins of yarn that I can comfortably dye each month and if that threshold is reached, I’ll end the club early. I’ll post a warning if the signups are coming close to that number.

I’m concerned I might not like the colors that are sent. What should I do?

Although I do sometimes go outside my own color comfort zone, I always pick colors that I would choose to work with myself. The colors are usually either semi-solid or tonal (though I have occasionally thrown in a variegated color), so if you like the colors you see on the main Round Table Yarns website and the past yarn clubs, you should be okay. You can also read the reviews for previous clubs, which frequently mention the colors.

Will I earn Quest Points for joining the yarn club?

Yes, you will receive Quest Points for the yarn club (2 points for each dollar, shipping not included). I will need to add the points to your account manually and will do so after each payment. (So if you pay upfront, you’ll get all your points after signing up for the club. If you pay in installment payments, you’ll get points after each payment.)

Can I redeem a coupon from Quest Points to pay for the yarn club?

No, I’m sorry. The yarn club is processed using a completely different system, so Quest Points rewards are not redeemable for the club.

Is my credit card information safe?

Yes. I’m using a service that takes payments through Stripe, an online payment processing system. I never see your credit card information and Stripe is a secure website.

Can I pay through PayPal instead?

Yes, although it’s much easier to use PayPal if you are choosing the upfront payment option, so keep that in mind. (For installment payments, I’ll send you an invoice each month, which you’ll need to pay manually; it’s not automatic.) Just send me a message letting me know which base(s) you’d like, how many skeins per shipment, your shipping location (country), and whether you want to pay upfront or through installment payments. I’ll send you an invoice through PayPal.