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Yarn Club Testimonials

From Connie L. (CrochEtCetera)

The cost and not knowing exactly what I was buying was part of what put me off in the past [for joining yarn clubs], but I spend more money on yarn now than I used to, ha ha, and the surprise each month was exciting for me! I’d been wanting to try a yarn club for some time and it was the accompanying story that sold me! I loved the yarn surprise that came with each installment of the story and imagining how Karen used it to inspire the yarn selection. It made it so much more than just a yarn club – it was an adventure! [Wondering if you should join the club?] Just do it! If you love yarn (and yarns, ha ha, pun totally intended) then you’ll love it! I’m so glad I joined this little adventure!

[Check out Connie’s fantastic unboxing videos for each shipment in the Tristan and Isolde Yarn Club on her blog. She’s also released several crochet designs featuring the yarn from that club.]

From Cameron G. (TheKnittyMuggins)

A concern in the past [with yarn clubs] was, “Will I like the yarn”. This club I never worry because I know I’m getting great yarn! Round Table Yarns has a solid history of great yarn in colors I like. [Wondering if you should join the club?] Do it, you won’t regret it. Some of the best yarn out that also supports a local dyer.

From Karen H. (Karebear)

[Before joining the club] I didn’t know if I would like the yarn base and/or the colors sent to me. I didn’t know much about yarn bases but definitely thought I would get “yucky” colors on those bases. I read some testimonials, looked at the site, & had also bought some yarn from Round Table Yarns, so I decided to give it a try. Getting the package in the mail & chatting with other club members on Ravelry made me feel so excited! Felt like Christmas each month! I loved getting a package each month. Join today!! The yarn is fabulous, soft, squishy, shiny ( not all at the same time) & not that expensive. It’s a great experience. Karen’s yarn is beautiful! I highly recommend a yarn club at least once in your knitting career!

From Lori T.

[When asked “What would you tell a friend who was trying to decide whether or not to join this club?”] Do it! It has been the best yarn club I’ve belonged to.

From Shannon C. (Shanel)

I’d never joined a yarn club before the first Round Table Yarns club last winter. I was a little concerned about making the commitment; I can be really picky about my yarn and color choices! However, I was already familiar with many of the Round Table Yarns bases, and every colorway I’d seen was so rich and vibrant. It seemed like a fairly safe bet, and I loved the idea of getting exclusive colorways! It was also an opportunity to get out of my merino comfort zone: the potential for trying out new fibers I might not have considered purchasing on my own, and using colors that I normally would dismiss outright at the LYS.

I’m now planning to sign up for my third subscription to Round Table Yarns. I love anticipating the surprise waiting for me in the mailbox, seeing what neat little extra is included in the package, and reading about the inspiration for that month’s color. It never fails to amaze me that Karen can link together such a variety of rich, regal colors through the tales of Camelot and her denizens. A curated bundle of patterns appropriate for each month’s club selection always helps to inspire, and I really enjoy watching the other club members post about their projects with the club yarn.

This isn’t your typical flavor-of-the-month yarn club!

From Tim S. (timstephens4)

I have been a subscriber to other subscription services before and been disappointed in the offerings, so I was hesitant to join another one. Especially as a relatively inexperienced knitter. The two major things that influenced me joining the Round Table Yarn club were the reasonable price and the fact that it was a short subscription. I decided to take the chance. I am so glad I did. The colors were amazing. Two of them are some of my favorite shades of blue and green. The fuchsia color was a complete surprise. It is a color that I just don’t normally gravitate towards, but it turned out to be one of my favorites to knit with. That color was what sealed it for me to sign up for the next Round Table Yarn Club because I know that I am going to get colors and yarn that I wouldn’t normally buy, but would end up loving. The corresponding KAL/CAL was so much fun because I could see what other members of the club were doing with their yarn and it would inspire me. Yes, it’s a risk because you don’t know what you’re getting in the mail every month. But take the risk. It’s not just yarn you’re getting every month. You’re also going to get an amazing story that ties everything together. Karen threw in these amazing little gifts every month that were so much fun. Karen also curates an amazing list of pattern ideas specific for each month. Take the risk and sign up for this yarn club.

From Teri W. (tweeks9394)

This was the first yarn club I’ve ever been in . I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I had heard great things on the yarn. So I was happy to see an option of monthly billing. It’s the only way I could afford doing it. Well the first shipment came and I was blown away with the saturation of color and the softness of the yarn. It was so gorgeous! I would absolutely recommend anyone to do this. You will not be disappointed!

From Deb P.

I really loved the first round of the Round Table Yarns Yarn Club, and am anxiously awaiting round two. In the first round Karen dyed gorgeous, clear colors on different fingering weight bases so that we could try them out. I fell in love with every single color, and I can be picky! I also loved reading the history Karen provided with each shipment, and as an added plus there were pattern suggestions which led me to patterns I had previously missed. This club is fabulous!

From Leslie J. (lesleyd)

I was shocked, impressed and in love with the first Round Table yarn club! I had never been a part of a yarn club that had such incredible quality yarn, beautiful colors and generous surprises! The colorway cards were an incredible touch with the back stories of the Knights of the Round Table. I thoroughly enjoyed the yarn so much that they HAD to be put into a single shawl!!! This yarn club was incredible and well worth it!!! 

From Queenofsocks

This Yarn Club is different from other yarn clubs I have taken part in. I have looked forward to receiving a surprise package each month, both in color and weight of yarn, plus information about the yarn and information about who the Knight was and how he was part of the Round Table. Plus received suggestion for items that could be made from the yarn, but was free to do something else of my choice.