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Avalon in Knight of the Cart

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About the Yarn Base (Avalon)

Working with this luxurious blend of merino and silk is like walking through a wall of mist and finding yourself transported to a magical realm. The merino wool gives a fine softness to the touch while the silk provides not only shine but also durability. Indulge yourself with this yarn, which at 231 yards per skein is ideal for several projects from sweaters to hats to scarves.

50% merino/50% silk
DK weight
100 grams
231 yds / 211 m

About the Color (Knight of the Cart)

This colorway is a medium-dark, masculine, cool woodsy brown, similar to tree bark. It’s a strong, sturdy colorway, ready to carry you anywhere your inspiration leads.

The Story Behind the Colorway Name

Guenevere has been abducted, and Lancelot is racing to the rescue. But the kidnapper has left some men behind to ambush Lancelot, whose horse is severely wounded in the fight. Lancelot gets away but has to continue on foot. He is weighed down with his armor, shield, and weapons, so it is slow going. A carter who is out to gather wood comes by with his cart, and Lancelot asks to ride in the cart the last few miles to the castle.

Meanwhile, Guenevere is in the castle, looking out a window and watching for Lancelot. One of her ladies spots the cart with a knight inside and says, “Look at that knight. He must be going to his hanging.” (No self-respecting knight would allow himself to be seen riding in a cart like this because the only time that would happen was when the knight was being executed.) But Guenevere recognizes Lancelot’s shield and also sees the poor horse trailing behind. (She comments upon the knight’s “loyal friend.”) Guenevere rebukes her lady for even hinting that Lancelot might be going to a shameful death.

Projects Made from Avalon

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About the Yarn from Round Table Yarns

The yarns from Round Table Yarns are dyed by hand in small dye lots so each skein receives special care and attention. Colorway names have been taken from the stories of King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table, and on the inside of each label, you can read the story of the inspiration behind the name (no story on Quest colors).


The yarn is ready to ship in a muslin project bag for safe delivery and will arrive in your mailbox in a cheerful purple mailing envelope. Your yarn typically ships within 24 hours, often on the same day you place your order.


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