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DFW Fiber Fest Fundraiser

DFW Fiber Fest Fundraiser


DFW Fiber Fest 2020 has been canceled due to Coronavirus. This much-beloved event is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation organized completely by unpaid volunteers. There are a lot of costs associated with running the event, and many of those costs will not be recovered. Worst case scenario, DFW Fiber Fest may not be able to return from this situation. (Read this blog post for some hard truths.) We want to do everything we can to support this event and see it continue.

So if you are able, please donate directly to DFW Fiber Fest. Alternatively, you can buy this kit, and $20 from every kit purchase will be donated to DFW Fiber Fest. (Please read the section on how to purchase a kit carefully as just purchasing this listing is not enough for the kit.)

Pattern Details

There are two pattern options: one for a knit hat and one for a crocheted cowl. You will receive a Ravelry download code for the pattern you choose. You will not receive a hard copy of the pattern.

Serious Dark Magic Hat

"The design for this hat was inspired by the logo for my local fiber festival, DFW Fiber Fest. In that logo, there are seven swirls emanating in a counterclockwise flow from the center. In order to simulate those swirls, the best way was using two very simple cables. In order to continue the smooth curves from the cables up through the crown of the hat, I had to invoke some serious dark magic. The result was the invention of new cable stitches where you work the cable cross AND decrease AT THE SAME TIME!! I then had to invent new charted symbols (runes, if you will) for these cabled decreases. Even though you must channel that same dark magic to finish this hat, I promise the result will be comfortable and gorgeous."

We Crochet in Texas, Y'all Cowl

"This cowl was inspired by the phrase 'We crochet in Texas, y’all' which has become a rallying cry for all Texas crocheters. The open pattern is based on Morse Code, where each letter is defined by a series of tones and spaces over a specific time interval. In this cowl, you double crochet when you would normally hear a “beep” in Morse code and the spaces are made by chain stitching the yarn. The entire Morse code pattern is stitched in reverse so that when you read the cowl, it reads as it should in proper Morse code. Combine this with yarn that has been dyed in Texas and you get a uniquely Texan item."

Yarn Details

Each pattern uses one skein of DK weight yarn, in this case, my Cornwall base. You can get a kit in any color of your choice, chosen from my in-stock inventory, which you can find here.

How to Order a Kit

To order a kit, add one skein of Cornwall to your cart and then add this listing to your cart, choosing which pattern you'd like. (Link to Cornwall is here.) You need to have both items together in your cart so I know that this is a kit. Just purchasing this listing or just purchasing a skein of Cornwall is not a kit purchase.

You can purchase more than one kit. You just need to have the pattern/yarn combination in your cart for each kit you want to purchase. (For example, if you want both the knit and crochet patterns, add two skeins of Cornwall to your cart along with one of this listing with the knit pattern selected and one of this listing with the crochet pattern selected. If you want two knit kits, add two skeins of Cornwall to your cart and two of this listing with knit selected. Send Karen a message if you have any questions about how to purchase a kit.)

Want Just the Pattern?

If you want just the pattern without any yarn, please make a purchase from Ravelry for the pattern rather than purchasing this listing. All proceeds from the sale of the pattern will be donated to DFW Fiber Fest. You can find them at these links:
Serious Dark Magic
We Crochet in Texas, Y'all

Thank you so much for your support.

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