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Emrys in Lunete


About the Yarn Base (Emrys)

A bit of this, a touch of that: with these mini-sized skeins you can mix up your own magic in any project. Turn a basic vanilla sock or a simple hat into something festive and fun with stripes! Emrys mini skeins use the same blend of superwash merino and nylon as Merlin and are perfect for coordinating with the self-striping colors of Merlin so you can have solid heels and toes for your socks. You can also mix and match the mini skeins on their own to create gradient projects or other patterns that use smaller quantities of multiple colors. No matter what spell you weave, these minis are here to add a dose of fun and a hint of magic to every project.

75% superwash merino/25% nylon
fingering weight
25 grams
115 yds

About the Color (Lunete)

A light pink with undertones of lavender, this colorway is delicate and feminine.

This color coordinates with the Luf Talkyng self-striping Merlin colorway.

The Story Behind the Colorway Name

Lunete is connected to the story of Yvain and Laudine, the Lady of the Fountain. Lunete is Laudine’s handmaiden and it is through her intervention that Yvain and Laudine decide to marry one another. When Yvain breaks a promise to Laudine, who spurns her unfaithful husband (he leaves her to return to Arthur’s court and his acts of knighthood; she’s given him a year to return but he does not return at the appointed time). After a series of circumstances, Lunete finds herself on trial and sentenced to be burnt at the stake. Yvain saves her and in return, Lunete helps him reconcile with Laudine.

About the Yarn from Round Table Yarns

The yarns from Round Table Yarns are dyed by hand in small dye lots so each skein receives special care and attention. Colorway names have been taken from the stories of King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table, and on the inside of each label, you can read the story of the inspiration behind the name.


The yarn is ready to ship in a muslin project bag for safe delivery and will arrive in your mailbox in a cheerful purple mailing envelope. Your yarn typically ships within 24 hours, often on the same day you place your order.


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