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Tristan in Isolde of the White Hands

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About the Yarn Base (Tristan)

This sport weight yarn is up for any adventure, with a lively combination of bounce and a meticulous stitch definition. Enlist Tristan to help you with any project, from cozy thick socks to a colorwork hat or a lightweight sweater; this base is ready to run away with any project you give it.

100% superwash merino wool
sport weight
100 grams
328 yds / 300 m

About the Color (Isolde of the White Hands)

Like the first blush on a newborn baby's cheek or a white rose with barely-pink tips, this colorway is the ultimate in delicate elegance. Reminiscent of everything you love and romance itself, the subtle femininity of this colorway is represented by an ivory base with a hint of blushing peachy-pink.

The Story Behind the Colorway Name

Tristan and Isolde’s love affair has been discovered, and Tristan leaves the court. The nearby duchy of Arundel has been having troubles, so Tristan decides to go there to help distract him from his sorrows. The duke has a daughter, called Isolde of the White Hands, who has made a name for herself as a paragon of beauty and kindness, and Tristan enjoys looking upon her because she reminds him of his Isolde. Before long, Tristan convinces himself that by loving Isolde of the White Hands, he is actually loving his Isolde.

After much more internal pondering, Tristan finally decides that because his Isolde has stayed with her husband and has not tried to seek him out, he should do what he can to move on without her. So he decides to marry Isolde of the White Hands. After the wedding, when they are preparing for the bridal bed, he realizes he has made a mistake, but he cannot take it back now as it would bring shame to her and her family. Yet he feigns pain from an old injury that night, saying he is unable to consummate their marriage at that time—and he never consummates their marriage, which leads to the final tragedy.

Projects Made from Tristan

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About the Yarn from Round Table Yarns

The yarns from Round Table Yarns are dyed by hand in small dye lots so each skein receives special care and attention. Colorway names have been taken from the stories of King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table, and on the inside of each label, you can read the story of the inspiration behind the name (no story on Quest colors).


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