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We Knit in Texas Y'all Cowl Kit - Fundraiser for Unite for Bleeding Disorders Dallas Walk


Fundraiser Information

Karen Robinson of Round Table Yarns and Tim Stephens of Periodic Knits have teamed up to create a kit to raise money for the Unite for Bleeding Disorders Walk, which benefits the local DFW chapter (Texas Central Hemophilia Association). Tim's 14-year-old stepson, Bryen, has severe hemophilia B (which affects less than 1% of all hemophilia B patients), and Tim and his family are walking as part of Team Awesomesauce.

The money raised through the Unite for Bleeding Disorders Walk goes directly towards three categories

  • Registration for the Texas Bleeding Disorders Conference
  • Camp Ailihpomeh
  • Education Events for Families

With the money the team raised last year (over $1500), we were able to send two boys to Camp free of charge for their families. Camp is one of the biggest highlights of the year for these boys because it allows them to hang out with kids their own age who are going through the same stuff they are and learn how to control their disorder without their parents' help. Camp also sets up various activities for the kids to do, like a ropes course, lake swimming, and ziplining.

If we can raise $1800 this year, we will be able to send an entire family to the 2019 Texas Bleeding Disorders Conference free of charge. This conference offers so much for the community at all stages in life. There are educational tracks for new families of hemophiliacs to help them begin to navigate the medical world of hemophilia. There are tracks for teens to help them begin to learn how they are going to live with their disorder once they turn 18. The Texas chapters bring in industry professionals and researchers who explain all of the advances in hemophilia care over the past year. (This was where we learned about the Phase 3 clinical trials being started in gene therapy for hemophilia B, which if successful will be as close to a cure as humanly possible within the next decade.)


The kit contains a cowl pattern designed by Tim called We Knit in Texas Cowl. This cowl was inspired by the phrase "We knit in Texas, y’all" which has become a rallying cry for all Texas knitters. The ribbed pattern was created by taking the phrase "We knit in Texas, y’all" as written in binary code. Binary code is a wonderful language for knitters because just as binary code uses two characters (0 and 1) in varying combinations to express ideas, knitting also uses two main stitches (knit and purl) in varying combinations to design fabrics. When the phrase "We knit in Texas, y’all" is translated into binary code, the resultant 0’s and 1’s can be transcribed as knits and purls, respectively, to produce an aesthetically pleasing cowl pattern. Combine this with yarn that has been dyed in Texas and you get a uniquely Texan item.

As part of this kit purchase, you will receive a coupon code to download the PDF pattern on Ravelry.


The kit includes one skein of yarn to make the cowl, in your choice of one of three colors: red, white, or blue. How much more Texas can you get? (The red is the unPoisoned Apple colorway, an ungreyed version of Poisoned Apple. The blue is A fair lady and passing wise, and the white is the natural undyed color of the yarn.)

The yarn is a new worsted weight base called Gareth. It is 100% superwash merino, 218 yards (100 grams).

Dyed to Order

This yarn is dyed to order. Please allow up to two weeks for dyeing before shipment occurs. (Even the undyed color will take a couple of days, as I wash and process it like the dyed yarn.)


The kit is $26, and for each kit sold, $17 will be donated to the Texas Central Hemophilia Association on behalf of Team Awesomesauce. The walk takes place on October 28, 2018, and the kits will be available until October 25. (You can also make a donation directly on the above linked page and/or buy the pattern without any yarn on Ravelry; that purchase also goes toward the donations.)

Raised so far through kits (updated August 29 at 8:55 AM Central): $935

Thank you!

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